Episode 16

Wesley Ball – Alex Jones, Mitsubishi, and “How To Do You” as a Trial Lawyer

There’s no substitute for working hard. Talent alone isn’t enough. If you want to be a great trial lawyer, hard work is number one.

In this episode of Trial Lawyers University, Dan Ambrose is joined by Wesley Ball, founding partner of Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball, LLP, a firm that is a nationwide leader in automotive and tire defect and tire-related litigation. Over a career spanning two decades, Wesley has taken dozens of cases to trial and earned multiple jury verdicts exceeding eight figures, including a recent $976 million verdict over a defective Mitsubishi seat belt. In addition to automotive product and tire defect cases, he and his firm are handling high-profile media cases against radio host Alex Jones. 

Tune in as Dan and Wesley discuss why you need to “find yourself” to be a great trial lawyer, the most important moments and issues in some of Wesley’s biggest cases, and how trial lawyers can serve the greater good of society.  

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Episode Snapshot

  • Wesley’s journey to becoming a plaintiff’s trial lawyer
  • Opening up a law firm with his best friend with a “by any means necessary” mindset
  • His breakthrough case as a young attorney
  • Why Wesley’s firm does a focus group on 9 out of every 10 cases that they try
  • Representing Sandy Hook families against Alex Jones
  • Behind the “Perry Mason” moment at trial during the cross-examination of Alex Jones
  • Mitsubishi defective seat belt case
  • Wesley’s role in Attorneys Information Exchange Group (AIEG) and why he says it’s vital to an automotive litigation practice

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