Episode 17

Michael Hill – Practice, Learn to Sell, and Get Over Your Fears to Become a Great Trial Lawyer

If you’re not practicing your performance in preparation for trial, then you’re missing a huge opportunity.

In this episode of Trial Lawyers University, Dan Ambrose is joined by nationally recognized nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer Michael Hill of Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers. Michael has won numerous seven-figure trial verdicts and settlements, lectures across the country on trial tactics, and has been published in multiple peer-reviewed academic journals and publications. 

Tune in to hear Dan and Michael discuss why successful lawyers are not afraid to share their knowledge and time, how practicing public speaking on a regular basis can help you improve your craft, and why a colleague or insurance adjuster’s valuation of a case doesn’t necessarily correlate with what a jury will think. And why does Michael attend a lot of sales and marketing conferences? Because “selling” is part of being a trial lawyer.

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Episode Snapshot

  • Michael Hill’s path to becoming a trial lawyer
  • Top trial lawyers don’t have a scarcity mentality 
  • How the calmness of preparation allows trial lawyers to be “authentic”
  • You perform in trial like you practice
  • Great trial lawyers compare themselves to their “greatest self”, not others
  • How Michael learned presentation skills from attending sales and marketing conferences
  • Valuing cases and million-dollar verdicts

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